The Jolly Green Giant and Sprout

OK. So it’s more of a medium sized steak and Brussels sprouts.

Today we had a couple we know from Gold’s Gyms over for some steaks on the grill. We still had some leftover sweet potato so we made them some sweet potato chips as an appetizer and they were amazed at how easy they were to make.

They were all having plantains with garlic and I don’t like garlic (I may try plantains at a later date though). Anyway, I decided to try some Green Giant Brussels sprouts in butter sauce with my steak. It was one of those little microwavable pouches that cooks in just 5 minutes. While I wasn’t particularly fond of the texture, they weren’t bad. The kind of reminded me of green beans. I don’t quite know if I should really categorize them as food I like, but they definitely weren’t food I dislike.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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