Cinnamon Takes a Back Seat to No Babka

My wife Linda and I are huge Seinfeld fans. We can quote many lines from many episodes. However, no line is nearer and dearer to my heart then this one and the lines that follow.

“Cinnamon takes a back seat to no babka. People love cinnamon. It should be on tables at restaurants along with salt and pepper. Anytime anyone says, “Oh this is so good, what’s in it?” The answer invariably comes back, “Cinnamon.” “Cinnamon.” Again and again. Lesser babka?? I think not.” – Jerry Seinfeld

You see, I am one of those people that love cinnamon. With my sweet tooth, I really enjoy eating at Cinnabon. Cinnamon rolls, cinnamon sticks, you name it. I even chew cinnamon Trident gum now that I can’t find Wrigley’s Big Red gum anywhere.

But that’s not the only reason I like the Seinfeld quote so much. My wife, my kids, and many of our friends really love my homemade chicken nuggets. So what’s in them? Cinnamon – among other things. I’m not going to post the recipe though. It’s not a secret recipe. Besides, I’ve already given away the secret ingredient! It’s just that I don’t measure anything when I make them. It’s all by eye.

Here are the ingredients for my chicken nuggets: flour, bread crumbs, panko chips, Morton’s Nature Seasons, ground black pepper, cinnamon, and chili powder.


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