Judging a Book By Its Cover

I’ve already mentioned how the smell or texture of food can turn off a fussy eater. So can the overall look. This is a very strong psychological factor in what I will try. Even an incredibly tasty dish will be turned away if it looks awful.

I’m actually a little turned off by Red Velvet Cake even though I know it’s just food coloring that makes it red. I do like it, but it’s hard to overcome the feeling the red color gives me. Cake isn’t supposed to be red. Brown, yes. Yellow, yes. But not red!

Many people love a nice colorful meal. To me that just means it has vegetables or fruit in it and I generally don’t go for that. Corn is the most colorful food I like.

Unfortunately, how appealing food looks is very subjective. Just because you think it looks delicious, doesn’t mean your fussy eater will. You should try to think about the food they like. Do they have a particular look in common? Try new foods that have that same look. Remember, always build from what a fussy eater does like.

So what food looks bad to you? Have you ever been surprised at how a dish tastes based on what you thought it looked like? Let me know.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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