A Subtle Difference

There is a subtle, yet huge, difference between the phrases “I don’t like …” and “I don’t think I like …”. More often than not, fussy eaters use the first one when they actually mean the second. Perhaps subtle isn’t the right word to describe the difference. Most non-fussy people know it quite well and usually ask the follow-up question “Have you tried it?”.

You see, fussy people are really more likely to think they don’t like something they haven’t tried yet. I say I don’t like most fruits and vegetables, but in all honesty I’ve tried only a few of each. That’s why I was willing to pick up celeriac at the Farmer’s Market last weekend. I’m planning on making an effort to try more of the things I say I don’t like, but haven’t actually tried.

Are there any fruits or vegetables you think I might like? Keep in mind that I have a major sweet tooth.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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