Tostones Recipe

My wife is half Irish and half Puerto Rican. She learned a few island dishes from her mother. One dish that she loves to make to go with either steak or pork chops is Tostones (fried plantains for the rest of us). They are very easy to make.

  1. Peel the plantain(s) and cut them into sections about an inch tall using slanted cuts.
  2. Fill a bowl with water and put the cut plantains in it.
  3. Add Morton’s Natures Seasons to the bowl – she adds a lot, but season to taste
  4. Let them sit for a while – we usually wait at least 15 minutes
  5. Heat cooking oil
  6. Add plantains to oil and fry till them just start to get a little golden
  7. Remove the plantains and squash with a plantain squasher (not sure what it’s really called, but it is in the picture).
    You can use a paper bag or other items to squash them if necessary.
  8. Place the flattened plantains back in the oil
  9. Fry until golden
  10. Cut up several cloves of garlic and smash them with a mortar and pestle.
    You can use minced garlic for a less authentic dish.
  11. Add olive oil, a splash or two of red wine vinegar and Nature’s Seasons and mix.
  12. Serve plantains with a spoonful of garlic mix

I’ve never been bold enough to try these before and I still wasn’t going to try them with the garlic. I grabbed one after it came out of the oil the second time. It wasn’t bad. In fact, I find it odd to say this, but it actually was a little bland for my taste. I didn’t try adding anything to it. Perhaps the next time we make them I will find something besides garlic that goes with them.

Do you have an ideas on what might go well with fried plantains? Let me know and I’ll try it out next time.

This recipe is featured on A’lil Country Sugar and Linky Party.


6 Responses to “Tostones Recipe”

  1. writelane Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Foodie Friends Friday and sharing your link!

  2. Ericka @Chef PickyKid and Me Says:

    These plantains look tasty! Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday!

  3. Marlys @Thisand That Says:

    We make fried plantains often… I love them and they are candy to me… We just add a little water to the plantains after cutting them up and some salt… and then fry them until they are golden brown… When making chips I do add some spices to them… Thanks for sharing this on Foodie Friends Friday

    • Bob R Says:

      Natures Seasons is mostly salt but it does add some other spices. How do you make chips?

  4. Walking On Sunshine Says:

    Looks really good! Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday. Please come back again next week with another great recipe!

  5. Michelle Says:

    I love tostones! Thanks for linking up on Foodie Friends Friday!

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