My Famous Chicken Nuggets

My wife and I decided to start our Memorial Day weekend with some serious comfort food. That means mixing up a batch of my famous chicken nuggets. I’ve come a long way when it comes to chicken.

Soon after I met Linda she discovered that my freezer was stocked with nothing but several varieties of Weaver microwavable chicken and Quaker Steak-ums. She put and end to that and showed me how to prepare fresh chicken several ways including nuggets. I took what she showed me and ran with it. Now she prefers mine to hers. So do our 3 kids. So do many of their friends. They are always a hit at our Superbowl parties.

  • Cut the chicken into strips or small bite sized pieces. There’s really no wrong way to cut them.
  • Grab a gallon Ziplock bag and add around a half cup of flour (I don’t measure).
  • Add around and half cup bread crumbs (again I don’t measure).
  • Now add around half a cup of panko chips (if you haven’t figured it out by now, I don’t measure this either).
  • Add a bunch of ground pepper – maybe 3 or 4 tablespoons if I had to guess.
  • Add Mortons Nature’s Seasons – maybe another 3 tablespoons.
  • Add a dash or two of cinnamon. It’s one of my favorite ingredients.
  • Add a dash or two of chili powder to give it some kick.
  • Shake the bag until the mix is even. Add more pepper if you can’t make it out in the mix.
  • Sprinkle a little Nature’s Seasons over the chicken and then add one piece at a time to the bag.
  • Shake well and keep adding chicken.
  • Heat the oil
  • Add chicken and cook until a nice golden brown.

I’ve found that you can use wheat bread crumbs instead, but the chicken comes out a little darker color. You’ll have to play around with the amounts of each ingredient until you find something that works for you. I do it all by eye. When the mix looks right, I toss the chicken in. Don’t be afraid to try adding something else to the mix. That’ show I came up with the cinnamon and chili powder.

Let me know how your chicken came out and if you found any other ingredients that work well in the mix.


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