Getting Better With Age

Would you believe I never stepped foot in an Arby’s until I was at least 40? It’s not that we didn’t have one locally. It’s not that I didn’t like it. I just thought I wouldn’t like it. I can’t remember exactly when I started eating Arby’s. I do know that it was after I started working at my current job which is pretty close to it. I also know that my wife Linda is the one who suggested it.

I always thought that the roast beef came with stuff I didn’t like. She told me they make them plain unless you order one with otherwise. I also never tried seasoned fries before. I’m not sure why I tried them, but I’m glad I did. I don’t get fast food often, but when I do, I get a large Arby’s roast beef with curly fries and a Dr Pepper.  Thanks go out to my wife for suggesting that I try Arby’s. I only wish I’d tried it sooner. I missed out on a lot of good roast beef sandwiches all those years.

Salami is another thing I never ate until the past few years. It just looks kind of gross. I must admit that once I actually tried it, I really liked it. Maybe it’s my wife’s gentle prodding or maybe it’s just tastes changing with age. Either way, the list of foods I’ll eat is slowing growing.

Is there anything you’ve tried that has become one of your favorites?


2 Responses to “Getting Better With Age”

  1. fireychefgurl Says:

    Love the post. I have only in the last year and a half started liking cheese steaks. I used to think steak yuck. Chewy, fatty, grissle. DISGUSTING. Now I have found a place, my hubby has been going there for15+ years, the steak is uber lean, shaved and cooked to tender perfection. I must admit, when we go I always wish I was more hungry or that didn’t need to “loose a few” cause I always want a second one. You are an inspiration. Keep up the trying new foods,.

    • Bob R Says:

      Thanks. I have found that as I’ve gotten older my tastes have changed a little. I’ve found some new things that I like, but there are also some that I used to eat as a child that I no longer eat – bananas are one of those. I’ve always liked steak, but not the fat. I’m glad you’ve found steak that you like. It’s too good to pass up.

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