Southwest Tilapia Trial

I thawed some of the frozen tilapia that I picked up at Price Chopper the other day and gave the Southwestern Tilapia recipe a try. As I mentioned before, I skipped the garlic powder. I made a few other changes too.

I mixed the ingredients in a Glad bag (I used to use Ziplock bags for food but they sometimes have a funny smell). That included the olive oil and lime juice as well. I shook it up until the mix was consistent, then I added the tilapia fillet.

While the tilapia was cooking I made up a batch of seasoned curly fries, much like I would get at Arby’s. The fries seemed like they would be a good fit to go with the red pepper and chili powder.

The tilapia looked good, which is a good start. I also tasted good, except it was a little salty. I would suggest using half of what the recipe called for which would be 1/2 teaspoon. I’m sure I will try this recipe again. I might also use a little more lime since I couldn’t really discern any lime taste. Overall, I would call the recipe a success.


One Response to “Southwest Tilapia Trial”

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    […] I’m generally fine with a mild fish, especially if it is fried. I have more recently tried tilapia and salmon as well. The scallops were kind of an odd texture which was a little difficult to deal […]

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