Get Motivated Get Moving Get Healthy

Having trouble getting off the couch and into the gym? Can’t seem to change your diet to include healthier food? My wife Linda has been an inspiration to many people looking to begin healthier lives. She’s still a work in progress and she’s been where you are at. Maybe she can help you get motivated to get moving and get healthy.

Visit her site at


4 Responses to “Get Motivated Get Moving Get Healthy”

  1. Beware of Dog « Feed Your Fussy Eater Says:

    […] question I ask when given something new. This is where a certain level of trust helps. My wife Linda knows some of the things I strongly dislike. She won’t have me try something that contains […]

  2. Anniversary Pizza « Feed Your Fussy Eater Says:

    […] marks the 14th anniversary of when my wife Linda and I met. We met online and she almost didn’t meet me because I didn’t have any […]

  3. Cinnamon Takes a Back Seat to No Babka « Feed Your Fussy Eater Says:

    […] wife Linda and I are huge Seinfeld fans. We can quote many lines from many episodes. However, no line is […]

  4. Burger with Irish Whiskey Onions « Feed Your Fussy Eater Says:

    […] Steak surprised me, I figured I would give them another try, but this time on a burger. My wife, Linda, normally has caramelized onions on her burger and when I said that I wanted to do them up like on […]

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