No Matter How You Slice It

A strange thing happened last night. My wife got home early and did the grocery shopping and prepared a meatloaf for dinner. That’s not the strange part, even though I tend to do most of the shopping since the grocery store is on my way home from work. She picked up Betty Crocker Butter and Herb Potatoes and a bag of frozen green beans to go with it. This is where it gets a little strange.

She picked up whole green beans. Normally when I shop, I get cut green beans. I mentioned to her that I prefer cut green beans and she said she preferred whole green beans. She also likes french cut green beans, which I don’t like. That just seemed to make no sense to me when I thought about it. They are still green beans no matter how you slice them (or don’t). How they are cut shouldn’t affect how they taste.

As best as I can tell, I must associate french cut green beans with some dish I didn’t like as a child, although I don’t recall anything. I suspect that may be true for other foods as well. The fact that I don’t eat apples now may have something to do with not liking applesauce as a child. Are there any foods you don’t like because of a dish you didn’t like as a child?


What Are Your Thoughts?

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