Another Plain Holiday

Well, another holiday meal has come and gone and it was yet another plain one. I had a couple of bacon cheeseburgers. I don’t eat potato salad or pasta salad. I was hoping to make something more, but we were out by the pool and lost track of time and decided to just make something simple so we could enjoy our time.

It was just my wife and I and she loves the pool. Our dog, Mugsy, a Pitt Bull/Mastiff mix doesn’t care for it at all. We did mange to get her in a couple of times, but she is never happy about it. A long day out by the pool now has all of us a bit exhausted. We are just chilling inside now watching Transformers on TV. We love action flicks. In fact, our first date 15 years ago was watching Con Air and The Rock.

I think we are probably too tired to even bother with fireworks. We may just go relax in the pool and then slip into bed early. I have a feeling that all of us will sleep quite soundly tonight.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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