Picky Picked a Pepper

My wife and I were shopping at The Fresh Market last night for some steaks and burgers to throw on the grill. She found a nice rib-eye steak and I went with a couple of bacon cheddar burgers. We browsed thru some of the vegetables and Linda mentioned she wanted to try a pepper. She’s not a fussy eater, but she doesn’t eat peppers. As a fussy eater, I’ve never actually tried them (although I claim not to like them). I have recently become a fan of Southwestern Grilled Chicken, so I decided that maybe it was worth trying one since it contains red pepper. That’s exactly what we picked up – a single red pepper.

We’ve heard that roasting them makes them a little sweeter and sweeter sounds good to me and my sweet tooth. I haven’t yet found a recipe for roasted red pepper, but I am open to suggestions. If you have any ideas, let me know.


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