Anniversary Pizza

Today marks the 14th anniversary of when my wife Linda and I met. We met online and she almost didn’t meet me because I didn’t have any children and she already had 3 and didn’t want any more. The kids were out of town with their father and she called and invited me over for pizza and some videos. When I arrived she was on the phone so I had a chance to look around the living room which had X-Men figurines hung on the wall. Wolverine is my favorite superhero so this was cool to see. In fact, Wolverine was partially responsible for our meeting. My profile listed Wolverine as my favorite superhero. Linda saw that and how tall I am and she was interested.

So when she was done with her call, we enjoyed some pizza and wings. While we ate, we watched Con Air and The Rock – two great action flicks. We’ve been together ever since.

Five years later, on the 25th, we got married by a Justice of the Peace. Afterwards we went home and ordered pizza. Every year when either anniversary comes up, we order pizza. We don’t always get wings. Sometimes we will even watch one of our two action flicks. It depends on our schedule. Regardless, pizza remains a special meal to us.

Are there any meals that may seem ordinary to others that have a special meaning for you?


7 Responses to “Anniversary Pizza”

  1. lindarennie Says:

    Love you.

    • Bob R Says:

      I’m so glad you decided to take a chance and meet me despite your concerns about me wanting children. You have blessed me with 3 great kids – even if we don’t share blood.

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