TCBY Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

My wife has been trying to convince me to try frozen yogurt for a while now. I finally decided to give it a try. We stopped in at a local TCBY on our way home from shopping. The girl working at the counter gave me a sample of the chocolate and the peanut butter cup. I didn’t really care for the peanut butter cup, but the chocolate wasn’t bad. Since they have a bunch of the typical ice cream toppings to make sundaes, I went ahead and made one with all my favorites – M&Ms, chocolate chips, sprinkles, caramel, and hot fudge. It was really good. However, I think that with all the toppings it kind of loses any health benefits of choosing frozen yogurt over ice cream. Still, it does open up a few more options for me and I guess it’s better than ice cream with the same toppings. I should have listened to my wife sooner and given it a try. I’m still hesitant to try vanilla, but I’ll get the chocolate again.


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