New Jersey Wedding Trip

My wife Linda and I went to a wedding in New Jersey over the weekend. It was a lot fun. We don’t really get out a lot so it was nice to get away from the house even for a night. The Days Inn we stayed at could have been better, but it was the closest thing to the wedding so we put up with it.

The wedding was great and they did the food buffet style for the meal during the reception. They had both roast beef and turkey so I was pleased. I did grab some green beans as well. I didn’t go near the pasta since I don’t care for red sauce. Still, there was plenty to eat that I did like.

They had do-it-yourself ice cream sundaes for dessert which was awesome. They had many of my favorite toppings. I didn’t bother with the cake because it had some kind of cream cheese filling, but Linda enjoyed it. It was an early wedding so food was served early afternoon. When we got back to the hotel, we were both feeling a little peckish. We looked around and found that there was an Applebee’s nearby so we decided to head over.

When we got there, we noticed another place nearby that caught our attention and it had Jersey all over it – Joey G’s Bar & Grill. It was a nice place. On the inside, it kind of reminded us of a remodeled Red Lobster – although neither of us could really put into words why. The outside certainly didn’t look like Red Lobster.

Our waitress was nice friendly. She pointed out a few specials and answered a few questions we had. We decided to get a sampler platter of mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and potato skins since we couldn’t quite decide. In case you’re wondering – Linda had the onion rings. I had most of the mozzarella sticks and we shared the potato skins. We also ordered a dish they call Crunch Chicken. It’s chicken fingers made with Cap’N Crunch instead of bread crumbs in the mix. I love Cap’N Crunch cereal so I thought it would be a great dish to try that I could make at home too.

Well, here are words I thought I’d never say – It was a little too sweet for me. They weren’t bad, but it just didn’t seem right. I guess I prefer my fried foods not so sweet. Still, if you have a fussy eater that likes Cap’N Crunch, I’d say give it a try.

The next morning there was no question as to where to eat. We had just one place in mind – IHOP. We spotted one on our way to the wedding so we knew it was close.  Linda had some eggs, bacon and hash browns. I got what I always get at IHOP – chocolate chip pancakes. I was a little surprised that they asked if I wanted chocolate batter as well. Usually that’s how they come at any other IHOP I’ve been to. As expected they were delicious.

We went back to our hotel to pack and let breakfast settle and then we were on our way.


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