Newman’s Own Pizza

It’s no secret that my wife and I love pizza. Heck, it’s even our standard anniversary dinner! We even have a usual order at a local pizza place – Vintage Pizza. The only problem is that pizza doesn’t really fit well into a healthy diet. Like many people, we don’t want to have to sacrifice taste in order to eat healthy. Perhaps I shouldn’t use the word healthy to describe Newman’s Own. Rather, it is a healthier alternative to the pizza we would normally order which has a much thicker crust and a lot more cheese.

As far as frozen pizza goes, this is one of the best we have found. It’s reasonably priced and lower in calories than many of the others including DiGiorno. Newman’s Own comes in at about 320 calories for 1/3 pizza, but DiGiorno has about the same in 1/6 pizza. I must admit that 1/3 pizza seems like a pretty small serving. Usually the two of us split one pizza into 2 slices each. On a rare occasion we may even get one pizza each, but that’s not very common.

We find that a Newman’s Own pizza is a nice thing to keep on hand for those days we are just too worn out to bother with cooking or cleaning. The best part is that it is still better than getting fast food or ordering a pizza.


One Response to “Newman’s Own Pizza”

  1. Flat-bread Pizza | Feed Your Fussy Eater Says:

    […] browned.  It’s nowhere near as good as the local Vintage Pizza, but it is pretty close to a Newman’s Own. If you are looking for a way to eat pizza and not get all the carbs and calories, give it a try. […]

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