Kabobs with my Aunt and Uncles

Over the holiday weekend, I went out to visit my Aunt Dee and Uncle Brian in Connecticut. My Uncle Peter (Dee’s brother) was playing at a BBQ festival nearby and I wanted to hear him play. I don’t get out to Connecticut often and I have never seen him play before other than at weddings. The band sounded great, but there was absolutely no shade anywhere near the stage area. Although we would have loved for them to stay on longer, we were kind of glad when they finished so we could go move to a cooler place to sit. We stayed there for a bit longer chatting and oddly never actually had any BBQ. Then we left to head back to my Aunt’s house.

Uncle Peter beat us there because the band members all had way more convenient parking than we ended up with. We all just kind of chilled out for a bit before Aunt Dee went to the kitchen to start preparing the kabobs. She had steak, potatoes, peppers, onions, zucchini, and squash. I had her leave off the onion on one for me. Meanwhile, my uncles dozed off in the living room. When we had the kabobs all set we woke up Brian so he could fire up the grill.  Before long we had a whole bunch of kabobs and corn on the cob.



Brian did a great job on the grill. Nothing was burnt and the meat was nicely done. The only thing that surprised me was that they didn’t season any of it. My wife was really surprised to hear me say that. There was a time when I didn’t season anything. I think they might not have seasoned anything because my cousin Eric is even fussier than me in some areas. He didn’t even want his meat touching the onions or peppers. I can identify with that. I used to be the same way when I was younger. Anyway, even without seasoning the peppers, zucchini, and squash weren’t bad. When we’ve made grilled peppers before we always used oil and seasonings which made them a little slimy. I actually finished everything on my kabob. I’ll have to try zucchini and squash again sometime. I didn’t love them, but I can definitely do them again.

I spent a few more hours visiting before I made the two hour trip back to my wife. It was a great time and I’m so glad I finally got to hear my Uncle Peter play with one of the 3 bands he is currently playing with.


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