Parmesan Chicken and Gnocchi

My wife and I have been trying to find some healthy new alternatives to things we eat. Often times,when I saute chicken, I’ll have it with egg noodles and Parmesan cheese. A few weeks ago, my wife picked up some gnocchi and we hadn’t used it yet, so we decided to try that instead this time. I think it comes in different varieties, but I’m not sure since my wife picked it up. If it matters, the one we used was a whole wheat gnocchi with sweet potato.

I was really impressed with how quick and easy it is to prepare. It says right on the front label that it cooks in 2-3 minutes and that really is about all there is to it. Boil some water and toss the gnocchi in for 2-3 minutes. I think I went with closer to 3 minutes. Basically they say once it floats, it’s pretty much done – except for straining out the water.

I had sauteed some chicken (which was the longest part of preparation time) a few minutes earlier. I use just a little bit of olive oil in the pan and season with black pepper. Once the chicken and gnocchi were done, I tossed them both in my bowl and added some shredded Parmesan cheese over the top. In a second bowl, I added pesto instead of Parmesan cheese since Linda doesn’t care for the cheese.

I tried a bite of hers with pesto. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t exactly like it either. For now I’m going to call it food I don’t like since I wasn’t even willing to take a second bite, but I may revisit it at a later date to see if things have changed.

My Parmesan chicken with gnocchi was delicious. The gnocchi is definitely a different taste than the pasta I usually use, but it was quite workable and also seemed a little more filling than regular pasta. I really like that it cooks quicker than pasta too.


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