Hatfield Peppercorn Pork

I’ve mentioned the Hatfield Southwestern Adobo Pork before. Hatfield makes a lot of different flavors. While I won’t be trying the Mushroom or the Lemon Garlic anytime soon, the Peppercorn is a little more appealing. I have actually had it before. However, I prepared it differently this time.

I didn’t remember the cooking directions so I had to read them off the package. Sadly, to do so, I need to break out my reading glasses. When I looked at the side of the package, I was surprised to find that, in addition to the baking directions, they also gave grilling directions. I hadn’t thought of grilling them before, but we love to grill even in the winter so I decided to give it a try.

I fired up the grill and turned it just shy of the highest setting – I didn’t want it to burn. The directions said to grill it for about 25 minutes. I turned it every 10 minutes and took it out just a little after 25 minutes and let it stand for a few minutes more. It hadn’t burned but came out looking very good.

The Peppercorn pork is probably a little spicier than the Southwestern Adobo. That seems a bit odd to say, but they really go heavy on the peppercorn. It’s almost a little too spicy, but it’s not a bad taste. I just keep a little extra Brisk Iced Tea on hand to wash it down.

I don’t buy these pork tenderloins often, but when they are on a BOGO (Buy One Get One) sale, I always try to pick up a few. For the really fussy eater unwilling to try Peppercorn or Southwestern Adobo, they also have an Oven Roasted which is pretty much plain. I’d suggest getting one of those and one flavored one to try.


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