Grilled Southwestern Adobo Pork

Since I liked the Peppercorn Pork grilled, and I liked the Southwestern Adobo Pork cooked in the oven, it seemed a reasonable idea to grill the Southwestern Adobo Pork. I’m really liking these Hatfield pork products and Price Chopper seems to have them on BOGO (Buy One Get One) fairly often. We had thawed this one out expecting to have it earlier in the week, but the weather lately has really screwed with my sinuses. I don’t really feel like eating anything too heavy when I have a headache.

So we had it all thawed out and really needed to cook it since pork doesn’t keep as well as other meats. Linda was having dinner out with an old friend from school, so I figured I might as well cook it up for myself. My brother was coming in to town with his kids on their way to an annual camping trip they take on Columbus Day weekend so I didn’t have a lot of time. Then I remembered that when I grilled the pork it took a lot less time to cook. So I fired up the grill and tossed it on. A few minutes later I went to check on it and, wouldn’t you know it, the gas was out. For most people this might be an issue, but we grill often enough that we keep a spare on hand for just such an occasion. I swapped out the tank and I was cooking with gas again.

I turned it several times to keep it from burning since I left the grill on high. Instead of cooking for an hour in the oven, I think it was done in about half that. This gave me plenty of time to enjoy a nice quiet dinner before the house was due to erupt in laughter. Even though they had eaten on the way over, my brother and his friend (who also brings one of his sons) said it smelled so good they might just have to grab some anyway.

Before I left to pick up Linda from the restaurant, I showed them all how to use the Roku to watch TV, since we cut the cord on cable about a month ago. They were quite surprised at how good stuff looks thru Hulu Plus and Netflix.My brother was particularly interested in how much we’ve saved by getting rid of cable.

When I got back with Linda they turned the TV off and the kids went up to bed since they had an early morning planned.  Then we stayed up chatting and lost track of time until after 11:00. Morning came early at around 6:00 and they hit the road by 6:30 to head up to the Adirondacks.

And I still have leftovers to look forward to.



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