Weekend Cheese Omelet

My wife, Linda, works Saturday mornings at Gold’s Gym. I’m not usually up for much of a breakfast right after getting up so I wait until after she leaves to make breakfast for myself. Usually, I just have a bowl of cereal and sometimes I’ll just wait until lunch to eat. This weekend I figured I needed something a little more substantial.

We recently started fostering a puppy that’s just a little over a year old. He doesn’t look much like a puppy though. He’s a little bit bigger than our 10-11 year old Pit Bull, but has WAY more energy. I’ve been walking the two dogs every morning for about a mile and then later in the day we go out for a nice long 2.5-3 mile walk. Did I mention that he has little to no leash training? He just wants to run. It takes a lot of my energy to keep him at my side.

So I decided that a nice 4 egg cheese omelet would really hit the spot.  I crack the 4 eggs into a bowl and add a decent splash of half-n-half and then use a fork to whisk it all together. I heat a Teflon pan with a little butter on medium heat. Then I add the eggs. We had some shredded colby/cheddar cheese on had so sprinkled that on one side of the eggs. I like the shredded cheese because it gives you much more control over where you get cheese and how much. I let the eggs cook until they start to get a little less runny and then I flip one half onto the other. I never get it perfect. There is almost always a little offset, but try to get it as close as possible. I continue to cook it on that side until the offset starts to get a little more solid. Then I flip the whole thing over and let the other side cook a little more. I like my eggs thoroughly cooked so I actually let them brown just slightly. You can let them stay runny if you like but I think most fussy eaters probably like their eggs fully cooked.

The cheese omelet makes a great start to the morning. Fortunately, the dogs are getting along well and the puppy is slowly starting to get the hang of walking on a leash.


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