Parties and the Fussy Eater

This past weekend, my wife and I were fortunate enough to attend a Halloween party. We had a great time and our clever couples costume idea seemed to be quite a hit. Well, actually it was our son’s idea. He suggested we go as puzzle pieces. So we went out to the local craft store and picked up a poster board, a poster, and some ribbon.  The toughest part was figuring out what poster to use.

My wife and I have been big fans of various Marvel comics for quite some time. In fact, we met online largely due to our shared interest in the X-Men. My online profile listed Wolverine as my favorite super-hero.  She saw that and my height (6’4″) and hit me up. We’ve been together 14 years now. So getting back to the poster – we saw several that we liked. It also had to be landscape instead of portrait so it would spread across both of us. That limited things a little. Finally, we settled on a Marvel comics poster with just about every character they’ve ever done. We still are having trouble figuring out who they all are.

So we glued the poster to the poster board and once it was dry, we carefully cut it into two separate pieces and scored each one to look like it was made up of two pieces. Then we cut small holes at the top to run the ribbon thru to make loops for our heads.  The nice thing is you can easily remove this costume to drive, use the restroom, or even just sit comfortably.

When we arrived at the party, the host and many (though not all) of the guests were in costume. Most of them were all in the kitchen, chatting and snacking on somewhat typical party fare. They had cheese and crackers, chips and dip, and even chocolate fondue with several items for dipping. Throughout the night, I kept going back to dip the marshmallow ghosts into the chocolate fondue. We were a bit surprised to find that our gracious host also had dinner planned and cooked it all herself. Dinner out always gets me a little nervous because I never know what to expect. When the food came out, my fears were confirmed, but I looked for something that I might find palatable and found chicken cacciatore. I just took the chicken without all the sauce and such. It wasn’t bad and at least I didn’t feel like an outcast with nothing on my plate but a roll. Dessert included several items I didn’t touch, but at least had candy corn and chocolate chip cookies.

This all got me thinking about how different parties are for fussy eaters. We’re always worried about what will be served and feel like all eyes are on us if we pick apart our food like we might do at home. Before some parties I will actually eat a sandwich or two so I won’t go hungry. Parties shouldn’t have to be like that.  I got lucky at this party, but there ought to be more fussy-friendly party food. Not everyone wants to do chicken fingers, burgers, or hot dogs.

What other recipes can you think of for a fussy eater party?



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