Almost Forgot About Pie

With all that’s been going on lately, I almost forgot to go into more detail about the various pies that we had on Thanksgiving. My wife made two pies from scratch – an apple crumble and a pecan pie. My daughter brought over a no-bake chocolate pumpkin pie.

No-bake Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

The chocolate pumpkin pie was totally new to me. I’d never even heard of such a thing. I was also quite surprised that it was not baked like most pies. Then again, a normal chocolate pie isn’t baked so I guess it may make some sense after all. Mixing chocolate and pumpkin seemed like a strange idea. I’ve tried chocolate covered fruit before and didn’t care for it. I’m a chocoholic, so I’m very picky about my chocolate. Don’t go tainting it with fruit or vegetables. It looked a bit like a normal chocolate pie, but it definitely didn’t taste like one. It used the darker, less sweet chocolate and had a strange aftertaste that I just didn’t like.

Homemade Pecan Pie

The pecan pie was one my wife really thought I’d like. It is supposed to be very sweet and since I have a sweet tooth, I had high hopes for this one. She said the pecans kind of dissolve into a sweet gooey filling. The middle of the pie certainly did, but the top still has distinct pecans. I’m not really into nuts, except peanuts which aren’t really a nut anyway. They are legumes. When I tried some of the pie, it had a very sweet taste, but also a very nutty aftertaste which ruined it for me.

The final pie we had for Thanksgiving was an apple pie. Linda made it from scratch and used a lot of cinnamon, which I love. I failed to take a picture of it, but it looked pretty good. The crumble topping was really tasty too. The middle of the pie was OK. I’m not really into apples, but with the cinnamon it was something I could probably learn to like. Of the 3 pies, this was definitely the best. If she makes another one for Christmas I’ll probably give it another try.

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