Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

My wife and I recently got a Belgian Waffle Maker. Our son John had told us about something he and his girlfriend had tried that they thought I would enjoy. I love cinnamon rolls. I love waffles. So how about cinnamon roll waffles?

Start with a can of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. Put 4 rolls in the Belgian Waffle maker and close it. Wait about 2-3 minutes and remove the waffles. It’s that easy. I suggest you use a non-stick spray like Pam to prevent them from getting stuck as bad. I say as bad, because they will stick a little anyway. Cleaning a waffle maker is a pain so you want to minimize the cleanup if at all possible.

You can have your waffles with just butter and syrup. I did this the first time we made them. If you really want to go all out, put the frosting on them as well as the syrup. Linda has even gone so far as to heat the frosting with syrup mixed in. This is particularly delicious. Either way, these are a quick and tasty way to start a morning.

Yes, I know this isn’t a healthy way to start the day, but I just can’t resist cinnamon rolls. Remember, cinnamon is one of my favorite ingredients.



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