Breakfast Burrito



Some weekends we hardly have more than a cup of coffee and some toast for breakfast. Others we have a bit more of a hearty breakfast and skip lunch. One of the weekends prior to Christmas, I opted for something different. Instead of doing cinnamon roll waffles, pancakes, or hard fried eggs, I decided to make a breakfast burrito. To be honest this was partially because we had a bunch of tortilla shells left over and I didn’t want them to go to waste.

Linda cooked up bacon for both of us and some scrambled eggs for me. I broke up the bacon and added some cheddar cheese to the eggs in the tortilla shell. Notice that I leave a little more empty towards the bottom of the shell as well as to the left.


I fold up the bottom and then roll it to the left so everything is fully contained inside and nothing can fall out the bottom. Make sure not to put too much stuff inside or it can be very difficult to roll without breaking the tortilla shell.

Colonie-20121217-00106It’s a quick and easy way to make a little more of your breakfast.  You can add sausage and hash browns if you’d like. We just had bacon handy. Not only does this change this up a bit from the ordinary breakfast, it’s also more portable if you’re on the go.



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