Almond Milk

One of my daughter’s went thru a vegan phase a few years back. During that time, she kept trying to get my wife and I to try soy milk or almond milk to no avail. The last I heard, she was back on meat, but still trying to eat healthy.

I’m not really much of a milk drinker. In fact, I pretty much only have milk in my cereal or possibly in a glass of chocolate milk. I’m very particular about milk. I won’t use milk that is within a few days of expiration. I also won’t touch it after it has been in the fridge for a week regardless of the expiration date.

Almond Milk - Nutrition

Anyway, my wife recently (well, maybe a month or so ago – this post is a bit late) picked up some almond milk for us to try. I was in for several surprises. First, it doesn’t come in smaller sizes. I was hoping it would come in the little pint or quart sizes. It only seems to come in half gallon boxes. I had been under the impression that almond or soy milk had a much longer shelf life than dairy milk. As you can see in the label above, it only keeps a week in the fridge. It also has a much higher fat content than I expected – although it isn’t saturated fat. The last thing that surprised me was the taste.

Almond Milk in my Cheerios

I was fully prepared for almond milk to taste a little like almonds – which I don’t like. To my surprise, it tasted nothing like nuts at all. It didn’t exactly taste like dairy milk either though. However, for cereal, it was definitely quite reasonable. I actually had it with my breakfast before work for an entire week.

I must admit that when the week was up, we didn’t get any more. I use so little in my cereal that it seemed wasteful to pick up a half gallon when I barely use a quart in one week. If I could find pints or quarts, I’d probably get it again though. Any ideas where I might find smaller cartons or jugs like that?



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