Decorative Cupcakes of Washington

It’s been a while since my last post. A few weeks ago my Mother-In-Law had a heart attack. She pulled through physically despite being 88, but it did kind of bring together a lot of family members that we don’t often see. Linda and I went down to Virginia for several days to be with her mother in the hospital. I have never been more impressed with a hospital than I was with Mary Washington Hospital. When we pulled up they had free valet parking. When we went inside the security staff were friendly and helpful in pointing us where we needed to go. And the nurses! The nurses that cared for Doris were incredible and caring. Many of them had also dealt with dementia patients before – a condition that is still making the situation more difficult to deal with than it otherwise would be. I don’t envy them, but it takes a special kind of person to do that work.

Anyway, among the many family members we saw at the hospital was my niece Danielle. Linda told me about her cupcake business and I’ve seen some of the pictures she’s posted on Facebook, but I hadn’t really seen or tasted her work. I guess I never really thought of cupcakes as much more than mom made growing up. Well, cupcakes have come a long way since then.

Cupcake with Fairy Wings

She didn’t bring anything fancy like the fairy wings with her, but she brought several flavors including chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet. I had a pretty good sampling of them and they were delicious.

Apparently cupcakes are becoming a big thing these days. I shouldn’t be surprised by that considering my wife and I watch “2 Broke Girls” which is about a couple of girls starting a cupcake business. Not only are cupcakes getting more creative, they are also starting to take the place of the more traditional sheet cake. Our niece Danielle makes these pull-apart cakes as well. Some look like sheet cakes and some are much more interesting. The puppy below is one of my favorites.

Pool CakeFootball Field CupcakePuppy CupcakeSponge Bob Cupcake

If you are in her area and are looking for something delicious and creative for your next party or event, check out Decorative Cupcakes of Washington.


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