Kraft Fresh Take Cheddar Jack & Bacon Chicken

Cheddar Jack & Bacon Chicken - Kraft

Linda recently picked up several Kraft Fresh Take chicken seasonings. The Cheddar Jack & Bacon was the first one we tried. The whole concept is kind of interesting. It comes with a large seasoning bag that is sealed at the top and has a seal between the two sides. One side contained the cheddar jack cheese bits and the other had the bacon bits. One side also contains bread crumbs, but I can’t remember which. Anyway, you open the seal between the two sides and mix it up. Then add your chicken and mix it up.

Cheddar Jack & Bacon Chicken - Ready to BakeOnce the chicken has been seasoned, you bake it at 375 for approximately 28-30 minutes (assuming boneless chicken, which is what I used). At first I thought it would be a good idea to turn the chicken halfway through the cooking time, but it really isn’t necessary and definitely affects how it looks. If you don’t turn them they come out much better looking. Either way they still come out fully cooked.

Cheddar Jack & Bacon Chicken - ServedAbove is one of the better looking pieces. It comes out with a little bit of a crispy texture, but not entirely. It’s a little hard to describe. The combination of chicken, cheese, and bacon was new to me, but it was really quite good. We picked up a few more varieties to try as well.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make something other than that same old boring chicken, then I’d give this a try. It meets with this fussy eater’s approval and I’m sure your fussy eaters will enjoy it too.


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