Sitting at the dinner table

As a young child, I spent many nights sitting at the dinner table until bedtime in front of a plate of something I didn’t like.

For some parents, telling a child they must sit there until they finish their meal works. From my experience I can tell you it doesn’t work on every child.

If you do try this approach, I’d suggest you keep in mind the degree to which the child dislikes something – and also the stubbornness of the child.


My earliest fussy memory

I can remember being fussy as far back as kindergarten. I can’t remember the details but I remember refusing to eat applesauce at school. To this day, I still don’t eat applesauce.

I’m going to revisit applesauce at some point with cinnamon. I do like Apple Jacks cereal – although that hardly tastes like apples.

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