When Did Anderson Cooper Come Out…

As a fussy eater?

It seems that Anderson also dislikes fruit and vegetables. I am baffled at why he would attempt to eat spinach on the air. That’s not exactly what I would select as the first vegetable to try – and I certainly wouldn’t want to try it in front of millions of people. He might have been better off trying sweet potato fries, or honey glazed roasted carrots. Then again, I don’t know what kinds of food Anderson does like. I tried those because I have a sweet tooth. I don’t know if he does. What I do know is that you are more likely to enjoy something that has the same qualities as something else you like. That’s why sweet vegetables were a little more palatable to me than celeriac which is firmly planted in the dislike category, just slightly above the “Stroganoff Column“. Work with what you like and you are more likely to find new foods you’ll eat.





George Carlin – Fussy Eater

George Carlin did a whole routine about fussy eating. He actually covered a lot of the same reasons I’ve given for not liking something – like the way it looks. He also covers not liking food you haven’t tried.

If you watched it all the way thru, I have a question for you. Have you eaten a box of cookies?

Sitting at the dinner table

As a young child, I spent many nights sitting at the dinner table until bedtime in front of a plate of something I didn’t like.

For some parents, telling a child they must sit there until they finish their meal works. From my experience I can tell you it doesn’t work on every child.

If you do try this approach, I’d suggest you keep in mind the degree to which the child dislikes something – and also the stubbornness of the child.

I’m Tired of Being Fussy

I’m Bob and I’ve been a fussy eater all my life. My parents couldn’t break me of it. College didn’t change things. Even my time in the Air National Guard did nothing to change my fussy eating. My wife Linda (who loves to cook) has tried in the past and had limited success. Now I do most of the daily cooking at home. Due to health concerns in both our families, we have decided to try to eat healthier. That’s not easy when you don’t eat fruit or most vegetables.

Join me as I try to find new foods that I can eat. I’ll offer tips for dealing with your fussy eaters and you can make suggestions for me to try as well.

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