Italian Herb Chicken with Broccoli

I’ve become a little bit of a fan of the Land O’ Lakes Saute Express seasonings. I’ve made the Italian Herb before, but this time I decided to change things up a little.

So I decided to add some broccoli to the pan and I sauteed it up with the chicken. I’ve been tolerating plain broccoli florets for a while now so I hoped that adding them to the seasoning would give them a little more flavor.

Italian Herb Chicken and Broccoli

The broccoli certainly did get cooked in well with the chicken. I do think I may have added it too soon though. The broccoli got a little too soft.

Italian Herb Chicken and Broccoli with Noodles

I topped it all off with a little pasta and Parmesan cheese. It made for a great meal with some much needed greens. The broccoli was a bit too mushy, but it was a little more flavorful than usual. Perhaps it would be better to say it hid the broccoli flavor better. Either way, it gave me another way to eat broccoli.



Parmesan Chicken with Pasta and Peas

Since the number of things I’ll eat is a bit more limited than it is for most people, I try to find ways to prepare things I like in different combinations so I don’t get bored having the same basic thing week after week. I often make sauteed chicken with pasta. That can get a little old after a while. To change things up, I will sometimes add a vegetable in to add a little flavor and color.

We had some extra chicken thawed out from when we made the citrus garlic tacos that I didn’t care for. I sauteed that up in a pan and seasoned it with black pepper. Then I started some wheat pasta. I’ve switched to wheat pasta within the past year to try to make my meals a little more healthy. I usually use Rotini, but you can use whatever pasta you like – it doesn’t have to be wheat either. When the chicken and pasta are almost done, I toss some peas in the microwave.

After I strain the pasta, I add in a generous helping of Parmesan cheese. Then I stir in the chicken and the peas. It makes for a quick, healthy meal that even a fussy eater can enjoy. If they don’t like peas, you can substitute a vegetable that they do like. I will sometimes use broccoli that I cut up into very small bits so it makes them easier to mix and eat.

Parmesan Chicken and Gnocchi

My wife and I have been trying to find some healthy new alternatives to things we eat. Often times,when I saute chicken, I’ll have it with egg noodles and Parmesan cheese. A few weeks ago, my wife picked up some gnocchi and we hadn’t used it yet, so we decided to try that instead this time. I think it comes in different varieties, but I’m not sure since my wife picked it up. If it matters, the one we used was a whole wheat gnocchi with sweet potato.

I was really impressed with how quick and easy it is to prepare. It says right on the front label that it cooks in 2-3 minutes and that really is about all there is to it. Boil some water and toss the gnocchi in for 2-3 minutes. I think I went with closer to 3 minutes. Basically they say once it floats, it’s pretty much done – except for straining out the water.

I had sauteed some chicken (which was the longest part of preparation time) a few minutes earlier. I use just a little bit of olive oil in the pan and season with black pepper. Once the chicken and gnocchi were done, I tossed them both in my bowl and added some shredded Parmesan cheese over the top. In a second bowl, I added pesto instead of Parmesan cheese since Linda doesn’t care for the cheese.

I tried a bite of hers with pesto. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t exactly like it either. For now I’m going to call it food I don’t like since I wasn’t even willing to take a second bite, but I may revisit it at a later date to see if things have changed.

My Parmesan chicken with gnocchi was delicious. The gnocchi is definitely a different taste than the pasta I usually use, but it was quite workable and also seemed a little more filling than regular pasta. I really like that it cooks quicker than pasta too.

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