Guilt By Association

There are many reasons a fussy eater might dislike a particular food. It might smell bad to them. It might feel strange in the mouth. Sometimes, it’s just what I like to call “guilt by association”. I don’t like onions. Scallions are sort of onions. Therefore, I don’t like scallions. I don’t like ranch dip. It’s one of only a few foods that just the smell nearly makes be gag. I won’t be trying Cool Ranch Doritos anytime soon because of the association with ranch dip.

When trying to find new foods for your fussy eater, make sure you keep this in mind. They aren’t likely to like or even try something if it reminds them too much of something else they don’t like.


Smell no Evil

I’ve learned that there are several reasons I sometimes don’t like a particular food. One of the biggest of these is the smell. If I don’t like the way something smells, there is little hope I will like the way it tastes. I’ve read that there is a strong connection between smell and taste so I suppose that’s not so strange.

One of the worst smelling foods to me is ranch dip. It nearly makes me gag – it’ s that bad! I have not (and will not) try to eat it.

If you’re trying to feed a fussy eater, keep this correlation in mind. If they like the smell, you have a chance.

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