Carb Free Pizza – Cheese IS the Crust

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. It’s not that I haven’t tried anything new in all this time. Actually, I’ve tried quite a few things and I hope to backtrack and post about some of them. Since I last posted, my wife and I have really tried to eat healthier. One thing we have been doing is trying to cut down on carbs. Since pizza is one of our favorite dishes, we figured a healthier pizza would be a great thing to add to our meal plans.

This pizza really struck us as odd since it contains no dough. The crust is literally made of cheese.


  • 8 oz shredded mozzarella cheese – or more if desired
  • 4 oz shredded cheddar cheese
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp basil
  • pepperoni


  1. Mix the cheeses, eggs and garlic well
  2. Spread the mixture on a 16 inch baking sheet lined with parchment paper
  3. Bake at 450 for 15-20 minutes – but watch after 10 and remove when golden brown
  4. Add some additional mozzarella cheese as desired
  5. Add your toppings – we used pepperoni
  6. Broil on the center rack for around 5 minutes until additional cheese is melted and toppings are cooked

Carb Free Pizza - Crust

The idea of using cheese as a crust seemed very odd to me. I wasn’t quite sure how it would work. We saw several recipes for this kind of thing and this one used the fewest number of eggs. We figured we wanted to avoid an egg flavor to our pizza so we went with this one.

Carb Free Pizza - Crust Baked

Once the crust was cooked, we could kind of see how this was going to work. My only concern was how firm the crust would be.

Carb Free Pizza - Sauce

Carb Free Pizza - Chese

So we continued making the pizza pretty much the way we would if it had “real” crust. I’m not really sure we needed to add additional cheese after the sauce since the crust was cheese, but we did it anyway.

Carb Free Pizza - Ready to Cook

Next we added a whole bunch of pepperoni. Never hold back on pepperoni. The way I see it, every bite should have some. Unfortunately, we ran out so the last little bit was plain.

Carb Free Pizza - Fully Cooked

As you can see, it came out looking really good. However, my concerns about the firmness of the crust were valid. You will pretty much need a fork to eat this pizza. Either that or cut it into much smaller pieces. That is what we chose to do. It made a great Super Bowl meal along with some cheese fries we made. Cheese, pepperoni, fries, bacon and Patriots win were all I could ask for.

We didn’t finish the pizza last night, so I heated it up again for dinner tonight. I was really curious how well it would hold up as leftovers. I knew microwaving it would be a bad idea, so I tossed it in the oven at 400 for a few minutes.

Carb Free Pizza - Leftovers

It actually hold up pretty well the next day. Well, the crust was still not as firm as an actual dough crust, but it tasted just as good as the night before. I must admit that I am not really sure of any of the nutritional info for this pizza, except that it uses no carbs. If that’s what you are looking for in a pizza, this one definitely gets the fussy eater seal of approval.



Flat-bread Pizza

It’s no secret that my wife and I love pizza. It was our first date meal (pizza, Con Air and The Rock – how that that miss?). It’s our typical anniversary meal. It’s our go-to fast food. Unfortunately, pizza isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to eat. Well, we’ve found a way to at least push things a little more in the right direction and that’s flat-bread pizza.

Most pizza has a thick crust. Even the thin crust pizza is far thicker than a piece of flat-bread. That’s a lot of unnecessary carbs and calories. So take a piece of flat-bread and spread a small amount of pizza sauce on it. Don’t use spaghetti sauce –  no matter who tells you they are they same, they are not and a fussy eater can certainly tell the difference (and probably an Italian too). Now take some 2% mozzarella cheese and cover the pizza. We like pepperoni on our pizza, but it isn’t really healthy. We figure that it’s still better than we would order from a pizzeria. Just go a little light on pepperoni or other unhealthy toppings.

Flat-bread Pizza Prep


OK, so maybe we didn’t go that light on the pepperoni. Like I said, it’s still better than pizzeria pizza. Get over it. Not everything I eat is going to be healthy. You do need some comfort food. If you can make it healthier than it was before, you are still helping yourself out overall.

Once the pizza is prepared, pop it in the oven at around 400 for around 8-10 minutes depending on how you like your cheese.

Colonie-20121216-00104As you can see, I like my cheese just a little bit browned.  It’s nowhere near as good as the local Vintage Pizza, but it is pretty close to a Newman’s Own. If you are looking for a way to eat pizza and not get all the carbs and calories, give it a try. It gets this fussy eater’s stamp of approval. What about your fussy eater?


Newman’s Own Pizza

It’s no secret that my wife and I love pizza. Heck, it’s even our standard anniversary dinner! We even have a usual order at a local pizza place – Vintage Pizza. The only problem is that pizza doesn’t really fit well into a healthy diet. Like many people, we don’t want to have to sacrifice taste in order to eat healthy. Perhaps I shouldn’t use the word healthy to describe Newman’s Own. Rather, it is a healthier alternative to the pizza we would normally order which has a much thicker crust and a lot more cheese.

As far as frozen pizza goes, this is one of the best we have found. It’s reasonably priced and lower in calories than many of the others including DiGiorno. Newman’s Own comes in at about 320 calories for 1/3 pizza, but DiGiorno has about the same in 1/6 pizza. I must admit that 1/3 pizza seems like a pretty small serving. Usually the two of us split one pizza into 2 slices each. On a rare occasion we may even get one pizza each, but that’s not very common.

We find that a Newman’s Own pizza is a nice thing to keep on hand for those days we are just too worn out to bother with cooking or cleaning. The best part is that it is still better than getting fast food or ordering a pizza.

DiBella’s Subs

Nine years ago today, my wife and I got married down the street from where we live in the backyard of a Justice of the Peace. It was a nice informal wedding that suited us perfectly.

Usually we have lunch separately during the work week. We don’t have a traditional lunch for our anniversary, but I decided it would be nice for us to have lunch together at my wife’s office.

I stopped by DiBella’s Subs on the way to pick up a Ham and Swiss for her and a Chicken Philly for myself. The subs there are made fresh right there in front of you including the hot subs like my Chicken Philly. We enjoyed a nice lunch together which was a welcome change of pace for both of us. I’m not sure if this will become a new tradition for us, but we both really enjoyed it.

We did, however, have our traditional anniversary pizza tonight. You may recall me talking about that  back on the 10th. That’s because we celebrate both the anniversary of when we met as well as when we got married. Not only did we order our pizza, but afterwards my wife called them back to thank them for being such a big part of our lives together.

Brickhouse Pizza & Grille

Linda had bought a Groupon for a $50 lunch/dinner at Brickhouse Pizza & Grille a while back and we finally decided to use it today. It was a deal for 4 people, but we called and they were fine with us eating in for lunch and taking dinner to go. When we arrived, the place had a really nice look to it and they had small LCD TVs on each table hooked up to Direct TV.

When the waitress came, we ordered drinks and some mozzarella sticks and potato skins as appetizers. They were both delicious. We were kind of torn on what to order. I thought about getting my usual bacon cheeseburger for lunch and a chicken parmesan for dinner. We talked it over for a bit and decided to order a whole grain pizza instead of burgers.

While we were waiting, I saw a woman from the back come out and sit down with some ladies who were seated next to us. I leaned in to my wife and told her that she looks an awful lot like Mama from Mama’s Pizza which had closed 5 years ago. When the woman got up and walked past us, I asked her if she was who I thought. She was! Not only that she still remembers my family.

When I was in my teens we first started going to Mama’s Pizza which was the best pizza in town. It was someplace we knew well and they knew us too. I was so surprised to see her. I had wondered what happened to Mama’s Pizza. She had retired 5 years ago and sold the place. It has changed hands several times since then and nobody has been able to make it work. Her kids convinced her to open another place.

I’m so glad my wife found the Groupon for Brickhouse Pizza & Grille. It was great to see Mama again and (as we expected) the food was great. I can’t wait for dinner to see how good the chicken parmesan is, but I’m still full from lunch.

Anniversary Pizza

Today marks the 14th anniversary of when my wife Linda and I met. We met online and she almost didn’t meet me because I didn’t have any children and she already had 3 and didn’t want any more. The kids were out of town with their father and she called and invited me over for pizza and some videos. When I arrived she was on the phone so I had a chance to look around the living room which had X-Men figurines hung on the wall. Wolverine is my favorite superhero so this was cool to see. In fact, Wolverine was partially responsible for our meeting. My profile listed Wolverine as my favorite superhero. Linda saw that and how tall I am and she was interested.

So when she was done with her call, we enjoyed some pizza and wings. While we ate, we watched Con Air and The Rock – two great action flicks. We’ve been together ever since.

Five years later, on the 25th, we got married by a Justice of the Peace. Afterwards we went home and ordered pizza. Every year when either anniversary comes up, we order pizza. We don’t always get wings. Sometimes we will even watch one of our two action flicks. It depends on our schedule. Regardless, pizza remains a special meal to us.

Are there any meals that may seem ordinary to others that have a special meaning for you?

Beware of Dog

I’m sure you’ve probably seen these signs at some point or another. They protect you because thieves are afraid of what’s inside the house. The same kind of thing applies to fussy eaters.

A fussy eater will often avoid certain foods because of what’s in them. I don’t like onions, so I’ll avoid foods that have onions in them. The same is true for garlic. However, there are sometimes exceptions. I don’t like tomatoes, but I will eat pizza which contains pizza sauce. I also eat ketchup which is primarily tomatoes. However, I don’t eat spaghetti with sauce. I have tasted spaghetti sauce and it is not the same as pizza sauce (as I’m sure any Italian mother can confirm).

In order to get your fussy eater to try something you are going to have to avoid the “What’s in it?” question. That’s easier said than done. It’s the first question I ask when given something new. This is where a certain level of trust helps. My wife Linda knows some of the things I strongly dislike. She won’t have me try something that contains them. So I have to trust her and not ask what’s in a new dish until after I have tried it. This works well with older fussy eaters, but may be more difficult with the younger ones.

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